Alright, so, despite me taking a few games to warm up, I played an AWESOME game of TF2 this weekend with a bunch of webcomic creators! We got together in celebration of Tasha, creator of the webcomic Tethered (, coming is an amazing 2nd place in the Line Webtoons Sci-Fi Competition! We were joined by some of the coolest webcomic creators such as Shane from (who is deadly with a candy cane), Lars from (who, if a spy kills you, you can probably blame it on), Red from (who is an awesome medic, and should really get more sleep), Sandra and Alex from (Sandra can be seen in panel two practicing her golf swing with my head) , Maffi from (who beastly  beasted many beasts with his brass beast), Timur (who I don’t believe does his own comic, but did translate Tethered into Russian, so THAT’S cool!). Anyways, I hope you enjoy today’s comic! And don’t forget to check out those AWESOME comics I mentioned, they are DEFINITELY worth it!