Below is the Into everyone got to our D&D campaign:

Emorion, a Kingdom known for its beauty, it’s ancient heritage, and it’s wide diversity, is where we begin our tail. A land that has experienced it’s fair share of both war and prosperity, Emorion is home to the grand capital of Methuselan. This strong, fortified city can be found in the central north of Emorion, and is prized for its trade, wealth, and power. Emorion’s great and beloved ruler, King Thurem, also resides here, atop the grand city. A leader who, at one time, brought forth the glorious Golden Age of Emorion, King Thurem now grows weak in his old age. And sadly, as the kingdom realizes Thurem’s life will soon come to a natural end, so ends the Golden Age. Cracks in the armor, have already begun to show as small uprisings have caused damage and even death in many of the towns and cities across the land. No man, woman, or child knows what the future will hold for the kingdom, and many citizens wonder if even the quaintest of villages are still safe. One such town, found in the central south of Emorion, is no stranger to this feeling. Once a bustling trade route for those traveling to and from the southern ports, the town of Renick has grown quiet. Except for the stray traveler stopping in for a quick rest, Renick’s visitor’s are few and far between. But alas, here we find ourselves on a sunny day just past noon. And while the town may seem empty when it comes to tourists, as you stroll down its dirt roads, the air is full of the sights and sounds of everyday life.

One area of town that is certainly not void of life is the local “Stagger Inn” tavern. As you enter the old watering hole, it’s not out of the ordinary to see folks enjoying a good brew, even at this time of day. A quick look around reveals a large room with about 5 or 6 bench-like tables scattered about the place and an old wooden bar on the far right of the room. And behind the bar we can see a rosy haired young man named Samuel Turnersworth who will pour you a drink with a great big smile on his face. Samuel turns to the bar and smiles at the three men who have just sat down before him. One, an elf-looking fella with what looks to be pants, a shirt, and a thin cloak made from leaves and vines, places a short bow, a quiver with 10 arrows in it, and a small bag of coins onto the bar. While the second guy, a Drow, wearing pants, a shirt, and light shoes made from thin animal skins places his small bag of coins and two daggers onto the bar. The first two men each had one of their arms stretched out around the one of the second two men. Wait …those second two men …they …Is that a wolf and a bear!? “I’m sorry sirs,” Samuel says slowly, “but I’m afraid your companions there are going to need to wait outside, if my father sees a wolf and a bear in here he’ll put me back to work in the fields.”

Across town a fella, not known to these parts of Emorion, opens his eyes. Looking around he finds himself in the town garden. The smell of flowers and the buzz of bees surrounds him. He sees a path nearby leading to a small bridge heading in the direction of the center of town. He looks around further and realizes the river encircles the garden, and the path makes a loop within the garden itself. Getting his bearings he kneels down pats down his pockets and surveys himself to make sure he still has everything. He places the spell book he was holding on to the ground next to him. Looking at his clothes he notices he’s  wearing a very thin wizard’s robe, pants made from some unknown dark-blue fabric, and a strange loose shirt with colorful designs on it. In the pocket of his pants he discovers a small coin purse and a simple wand which he places next to the spell book. From behind him, he hears a voice say “Well don’t just sit there, you’re crushing my petunias!” Turning around he see an older women looking at him with a mixture of confusion and concern on her face. “Well, didn’t you hear me? My petunias boy! My petunias!”

on the East edge of town a man draped in a black cloak, black leg wrappings, and a black vest, all made from light cloth, sits on the bridge into town. He removes his coin purse, and 2 daggers from his vest, places them on the bridge, and kneels down to the water to wash his hands. While doing so he hears a small voice behind him say, “Why are your hands all red mister?” The man looks back to see a small boy looking at him. He looks back at the water and realizes it has turned red where he has washed his hands off. “Excuse me mister,” The boy continued, “Did you hurt yourself?”

From the south entrance of town another man appears, standing no more than 2 Badgers tall, the dwarf jots into town wrapped in old warn cloth pants, a shirt, and an over coat. Looking around, he spots a bench  just off the left side of the main dirt road. Relieved, he removes the light shield from his back and places it on the bench. Stretching, he removes a small bag of coins and a throwing hammer from the waist of his pants, sets them alongside the shield, and slumps himself down next to them. Looking up he surveys the town. Small, rustic, with a few farmers out about going from here to there and there to here. A cat runs by headed towards the smell of meats and fish emanating from the small market just down the road. Suddenly the dwarf hears a hearty voice beside him shout, “Well lookie here!” He turns to see a large women sitting next to him. She’s a mountain of muscle and girth. Batting her eye’s she continued, “You sure are a handsome little feller there aren’t you? Why don’t you tell me what it is a handsome buck like you is doin’ in a little ol’ town like Renick?”

Meanwhile, On the western part of town another dwarf slowly strolls around the market place. A strong young man, he has tattered animal skins crudely sewn together  into pants, a shirt, and light shoes. Not the brightest of minds, the dwarf finds a nice bushel of apples and decides he’s hungry. sitting down beside the bushel, he places his scimitar and his small bag of coins on the ground, and grabs one apples. The vendor of the stand looks at him and smiles warmly, “They sure are good looking aren’t they? I grew them myself.” The dwarf nods and smiles as he takes a big bite out of the apple. The vendor looks at him concerned and says, “Sir those are Golden-Eye Apples …Each one costs 5 gold pieces. You do know that right?”