Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, humans and eggplants, I welcome you to! Home of the webcomic Sketchy Antics! A webcomic ABOUT me, Eric Lernould! A young man of 22 years old, as of November 20th, 2013! Who draws pictures ABOUT what happens to him everyday, excluding weekends! And has friends and acquaintances who also appear in the comic from time to time! And is currently using WAY too many exclamation points! Seriously, this paragraph does not need to be read like I’m yelling at you! I am not yelling as I am typing this! Therefore, you should not have to yell as you read it! In fact, you’re not even reading this out loud! You’re just reading it quietly to yourself! So there is no need to yell at yourself as you read this! Or, I guess, if you are reading it out loud, you are yelling at your computer! Which I’m sure it doesn’t appreciate! If I was your computer I would not like it! Actually since I’m the one that is technically on your screen right now, you are yelling at me! Stop that! STOP YELLING AT ME!!! WHAT DID I EVER DO TO YOU?!?!? GREAT NOW I’M USING CAPITAL LETTERS!!! AND I GUESS I’VE UPPED IT TO THREE EXCLAMATION MARKS NOW!!! WE ARE BASICALLY SCREAMING AT EACH OTHER!!! THIS IS WHY PROPER PUNCTUATION IS IMPORTANT!!! …And that’s basically what the comic’s ABOUT.

If, for any reason, I’ve confused you, and you still don’t know who I am or what the comic’s ABOUT, please feel free to visit the ABOUT page to learn more. You can find the ABOUT page by clicking ABOUT in the menu bar at the top of the page, by visiting, or by clicking the word ABOUT anywhere in this post. Seriously …any one of those capital, red, bold-faced links that say ABOUT will get you to the ABOUT page. Here, have some more, ABOUT ABOUT ABOUT ABOUT ABOUT ABOUT.

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Have an antic filled, sketchy day!