Hey internet! So, as many of you may or may not know, I work as a Quality Control Technician for a chemical manufacturing company. No, drawing comics is not my full-time job… yet. Anyways, my company was supposed to be sending me to Germany for a month (September 10th to October 11th) to learn how to use a new piece of equipment we just got for our lab. I’ve been getting really excited for the trip, as you may have noticed from a few of the comics lately. I was well prepared for the trip too! I thought long ahead and asked a few REALLY AWESOME comic people if they could do guest strips while I was in Germany. And over the last few weeks I worked with Paul to set up scheduling, posting dates, and even brought aboard an assistant website manager (Dylan) to help make sure everything ran smoothly while I was overseas. What I DIDN’T anticipate was my entire trip being pushed back from September 2014 to April 2015…. Yeah, that one caught me off guard.


What This Means For Team Sketchy:  We have three weeks of awesome guest strips about me going to Germany, a website manager who’s all set up to do his usual job AND my usual job, a new website assistant manager who’ll be helping out for the next month, and no actual trip to Germany… at least not till next year.

So we basically had three options:

  1. Lie to everyone and pretend I was in Germany this month.
  2. Tell everyone I’m not going to Germany yet, hold onto all the guest comics till I go next year, cancel all the schedules I made with Paul, and fire the new assistant manager.
  3. Shrug, tell everyone what happened, let Paul and Dylan run the site for a month, post the sweet guest strips that awesome people sent us, and take a month off to build up a back log of comics so I have stuff to post when I ACTUALLY go to Germany.

…so, yeah …we’re doing number 3.



From September 22nd to October 10th SA will be posting guest comics Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from awesome people like MSPToons, Elia from Elia In A Box, Bugbyte from Messenger and Follower, Matthew Tarpley from Mary Death, Matthew Grant from Stir Fry Comics, our temporary assistant manager Dylan, and even our website manager Paul!

I know this is kind of a weird situation, but I know you guys are going to love these guest strips! So, yeah, I guess that’s it. I’m leaving you guys in the very capable hands of Paul, Dylan, and some pretty sweet webcomic creators!

See you guys in a few weeks!!!