Okay so first, Happy New Year to everyone! 2013 was a blast and here’s to hoping 2014 goes just as smoothly!

I just got back from a snowboarding trip to VT this past weekend and it was great! It was good to see a bunch of my friends and get some awesome boarding in. I can’t wait to get up there and do it again soon. However, in the mean time, we are entering into a new game that I am very excited for! The game: Tag. Why I’m excited: that’s an interesting question to answer, here …have a look at the rules:

1) The game is tag: A playground game that involves one or more players chasing other players in an attempt to “tag” or touch them, in which case the “tagged” individual becomes “it” and must tag another one of the players.
2) The game is live during the month of January (if you are it at the end of January, you remain it until January of the following year).
3) There are no tag backs: The person who is it can not tag the person who tagged them.
4) If you are it, you must touch another player to tag them.
5) If you are it, you can not tag another player the same day you were tagged (e.x. if you were tagged on the 1st, you can’t tag someone until 12:01 AM on the 2nd), except for on January 31st, when this rule is ignored for the entire day.
6) There are no geographic boundaries.
7) Non-players can be recruited to help, but only players can tag and be tagged.
8) You do not have to tell other players if you have been tagged or have tagged someone, but you can not say you have tagged someone or have been tagged if you haven’t.
9) On February 1st, the person that is it must tell the other players that they are it.
10) If a player should die whilst being it, straws will be drawn to decide the next person who will be it (if the deceased player has made an amendment in his will for this rule, it shall be followed instead, if such an amendment is possible).
11) Additional amendments can be made if agreed on by the majority of the living players.

An EPIC game of tag indeed! As I am writing this, our friend Kaitlyn is currently it.

I thought I’d post this as a little look into something cool we wanted to try, and a reminder to those playing …to prepare yourselves …to stay safe …and to tag like we have never tagged before!


To all, I hope you have an antic filled, sketchy day!