Disclosure: This has nothing to do with basketball… sorry?

So you may have found this post by following a link at the bottom of one of this weeks comics, or on twitter, or via email, or just happened upon it, or your being forced to read it at gun point. However you ended up upon it, I’m glad you did! Because, this is a heads up. An FYI. A warning. And I want to make sure you all know about this before it happens. So to start with, the main point of this post is as follows:

I will NOT be posting the regular Sketchy Antics comics next week (the first week of March 2014)!

I know, I suck. What am I thinking not posting comics next week? Am I injured? Did someone die? Is someone going to die? Do I just hate you guys? ….the answer to most of those questions is no. What I WILL be doing is taking the week to work on a few things. All of which are related to SA. For instance, I’ll be working of updating the site with the help of our handy-dandy Website Manager, Paul. I’ll also be working on the comic, redesigning some characters (a.k.a. the mini versions of the people in my life), and messing around with format a bit.

Now I know I said, “I will NOT be posting the regular Sketchy Antics comics,” but I WILL be posting something everyday, Monday-Friday, like usual. Some posts may be picture, some posts may be blog posts, but there WILL be a new post everyday… maybe more if there’s something I forgot or wanted to add, we’ll see.

Sorry if this is an inconvenience to anyone, but if you continue to check out the site next week, you’ll DEFINITELY have new things to look at, read, and ponder over! And so you don’t freak out, Yes, regular comics will continue all this week and pick back up the second week of March. It’s okay, I was worried too.

Annyywwaaayyysss, enjoy this weeks comics, and I’ll see you guys during next week’s “March Madness – that has nothing to do with basketball” =D