Sketchy Quest



Welcome to Sketchy Quest, the tabletop game that dosn’t require a table! Sketchy Quest is currently in DEVELOPMENT and should be moving into ALPHA TESTING within the month. Any questions regrading Sketchy Quest can be sent to



Welcome to the wonderful and wicked world of Sketchy Quest! The fantasy tabletop game where you can dule your friends, ambush your enemies, and complete quests all in your day-to-day life! The game is fairly simple and consists of characters, quests, encounters, gear, reputation and factions (all of whch will be explained in further detail later on). The game consists of both online and offline play, and allows players to play regardless of where they are. You yourself only need 3 tings to play: internet access, a printer (or a pen and paper to keep track of your character information), and a d20 (or d20 mobile app). The d20 is used during encounters to determine who wins and who looses, however, the d20 can recieve bonuses depending on your level, the number of allys you have, the level of your faction, and what gear your character has equiped. All these bonuses will be covered later, however, the type of equipped gear your character can use will depend on your character’s class, and only certain classes can use certain equipment. Because of this, the best place for you to start your adventure is Character Creation!



So you want to be an adventurer, huh? Well there’s a few things you’ll have to learn before you complete your first quest or loot your first enemy. First off we need to train you up! Get you all fit and ready to kick some butt! In order to do this, you must first pick a class for your character. A Character Class is the disiplin in which your character will be trained. But, more importaintly, your character’s Class will determine which type of gear your character will be able to equip (if you havn’t read the Intro, I suggest going back and reading it now).

There are 3 types of gear in this game: Weapons (which add points to your D20), Armor (which subtract points from your opponent’s D20), and Potions (which can add points to your D20, subtract points from your opponent’s D20, or allow you to re-roll your D20).

Each Class can equip a differnt combination of these three. To determine which class can equip which type of gear (and to decide which Class your character will be) see the list below:

CLASSES # of weapons the class can equip # of armor the class can equip # of potions the class can equip
Knight 1 2 0
Swordsman 2 1 0
Ranger 2 0 1
Rogue 1 1 1
Monk 0 2 1
Wizard 1 0 2
Healer 0 1 2