I met so many awesome people! We got to play a load of awesome new games! And I even got to talk to some amazing fans!

You can check out all the pictures from this weekend by going over to our facebook album HERE, checking out or Instagram HERE, or looking through our Pinterest board HERE!!!



We also got a LOT of swag including:

8 Brawlhalla closed beta keys
5 exclusive art prints for Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward
4 Arclight Vel’koz League of Legends skins
3 top score buttons
3 piece PAX East magnet set
2 Brawlhalla exclusive skins
2 Neverwinter games codes
1 pair of Overwatch glasses
1 PAX East 2015 patch
1 YouTube cape


All of which we will be GIVING AWAY FOR FREE!!!!

That’s right! All this swag is up for grabs, so stay tuned for updates for this amazing give away in the upcoming days!!!



Man I love PAX.