Day 1 (8/27/15) – Hey guys we flew in to Seattle today from the east coast and boy are my arms tired (I don’t even know if that joke is even irronicly funny anymore). Anyways, my buddy Austin and I just got into Seattle today and things are going great! We met up with the other awesome PAX goes who we’ll be rooming with forr the next few days, grabed some food, and walked around Seattle for a few hours. Guys! Listen! Guys, this place is AMAZING (the pictures below are PROOF)!!! We’ll be hitting PAX bright and early tomorrow (10:00AMish… beauty sleep and all), and I can’t wait to see what it’ll have to offer. We’ve got some really cool panels lined up, and you can keep up with everything by checking out my twitter (@EricLernould), where I’ll be live tweeting ALL weekend, or hop over to any of Sketchy Antic’s social media for the abbreviated awesomeness! Also stay tuned for more blogs, and some awesome giveaways!!! ….okay, now pictures. ENJOY!!!


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