And we’re back!


Hey all! It’s good to be back here at home, and back on SA. If you kept up with my twitter feed over the weekend, you know we didn’t have internet access at the hotel from Saturday-Monday (Angry Blarg!). So I wasn’t able to post about what we did, what we didn’t do, who we saw, what we got, and that kind of stuff. I DID, however take a few pictures …some of which look like they were taken during a magnitude 4 earthquake (those with chronic nausea, proceed with caution). I have to say, I had a FANTASTIC time at PAX East 2014! If you were able to go this year I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did, and if you couldn’t make it, I’m sorry =/ …maybe you’ll be able to go to PAX East 2015, PAX Prime, PAX Aus, or the newly announced PAX South! If you can’t make it out to any of these, worry not! You can check out most of the panels on YouTube or TwitchTV. And I know my buddy Austin from may, or may not (sorry folks, I don’t know ALL the details), be giving away some of the swag we got, so go watch his channel for a possible chance to win …maybe!


Alright, back to the PAX news. So the weekends was GREAT, and, yes, we did walk away with quite a bit of free swag including (but not limited to) t-shirts, lanyards, pins, stickers, magnets, Oatmeal (Details Here), League of Legend skins, Smite skins, 20 tracks of music by, posters, beta keys and game codes (for free access to AirMech Arena, The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot, Ghost Recon Phantoms, Might&Magic Duel of Champions, Anomaly Warzone Earth, Carmagedoon Reincarnation, Strife, Dawngate, and yes …even Borderlands the Pre-Sequel!). And we bought even more epiclyslamtastic (yeah, that’s a word now) merchandise! We got some cool things from the TwithchTV booth, played some sweet games from the makers of Age of Mythology, and enjoyed the HELL out of panels like Gearbox, NIVIDIA (Where I single-handedly started a championship game of rock-paper-scissors with 200 people for a free graphics card! I lost in the semi-final round, but it was still awesome!), Acquisitions Inc., etc.  All and all a weekend I’ll remember gloriously for a longgg time to come. And what did we do the day after PAX you ask? We went to the aquarium! Cuz’ hey, fish are cool (I threw in a few aquarium pics below too).


Alright, enough of my babbling, hope you all had a great weekend, now here’s some pictures!!!


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