Hey all, it’s almost summer! And here at Sketchy Antics things are getting hot! (wow, I am like THE BEST at jokes!) We have a lot for you to look forward to and a little pre-cookout housekeeping to take care of, so let’s not drag this out… Bullet points, GO!!!

  • We are switching to a summer schedule here at SA! Starting June 6th, comics will be up Monday and Friday (Wednesday posts are taking a vacation… probably to like Bermuda, or somethin’)
  • Eric (This guys!) will be doing weekly live-drawing streams on Twitch.TV/SketchyAntics! (I’m still workin’ out the schedule, so stick around for the mega-awesome-stream-details)
  • Tapastic (Tapastic.com/series/Sketchy-Antics) will get TWICE DAILY updates!! (I know you’re all like, “What?!?” “Is he crazy?!?” “I want his babies!!!” …stop that …it’s weird… stop bein’ weird)

Damn, weren’t those some great bullet points? I’m all pumped up now! I’m gonna’ go get ready for all the awesome new stuff, hope you all have a great day!