Hey all, here we are again during this off-week at Sketchy Antics! I’m glad so many of you dropped by Monday to see what’s up on the site (over a thousand people… way to go!). But, after spending the majority of Monday on catch-up work, and making the How-To for you guys, I’ve decided I’m going and try to get more “new stuff” done today. So, to help me figure out what needs to get done, and to help you guys keep tab on my progress, I’ve decided to write up this little To-Do-List post. I may end up switching around some things day-by-day, but I’m hoping to get everything on the list done this week. Alright, without further ado, THE LIST!!! …WITH BULLET-POINTS!!!

  • The Mobile Theme:  SketchyAntics.com does, in fact, have a mobile theme (A.K.A. a mobile website). And that mobile theme sucks (A.K.A. seriously it’s bad). Currently, our mobile theme is good at – having all the pages of the site available, easy navigation, having a cheeseburger. Currently, our mobile theme is bad at – updating, loading, viewing comics, zooming in on the comic, not making people upset. So, at some-point this week we (Paul and I… mostly Paul… thank you paul) will try and fix this, and/or build a new mobile theme from the ground up.
  • Logo/Header: As of right now, SA has a very basic logo/header consisting of “Sketchy Antics” in large red Arial font with our tag-line, “The Life And Times of Eric Lernould,” offset to the right under it in small black Arial font. Why we like it – it’s a simple/basic design (much like the rest of the site) and it links to the SketchyAntics.com home page. Why we don’t like it – It’s the first thing you see when you visit SketchyAntics.com and honestly it’s kind of boring. So, I’d like to make up something new. Hopefully something that represents the comic in a fun way, while still keeping the basic style of the site.
  • Character Redesigns: I may be bias, but I love the minis in SA (Side Note: I don’t have a name for these guys other than “minis” if you can come up with a better name comment below or shoot me an email… maybe I’ll turn this into a contest!). I’m a big fan of there basic, large heads, lil’ bodies, and lack of facial features (I think they’re cute!). But, they are not perfect. For one thing I have no solid “This Is What A Mini Should Look Like” outline for myself, which, in some cases, leads to variation in height, size, and shape (sometimes within a single strip). To help combat this, I want to sit down and really layout the minis, both individually, and as a whole. I also want to mess around with some diversity in the blacks and whites of the strip. Right now, the comic is mainly just back lines with everything else being white (again… kinda boring). I’d like to  see if I can’t make better use of solid blacks and maybe some cross-hatching to give the comic a more appealing look.
  • Social Media: Right now SA is kind of stand-alone. I have my Twitter (with some of the best followers in the whole freaking world!) and we get a lot of views from the Reddit community (Big should-out to all you guys from Reddit!), but besides that SA isn’t really on many social media sites. So, step one: get SA on more social media (I’m thinking a Facebook page to start with, but if you guys think of anywhere else SA should be, comment below or shoot me an email). Step 2: make our social media pretty. Basically, by that, I mean better designed social-media (better backgrounds, header images, layouts, pictures, etc.)

Okay, so those are the four main bullets for now! I may add, subtract, or modify this list later in the week, but I think it’s a good place to start. In the mean time don’t forget to comment below or email me if you come up with a cool name for the “minis” or if you would like to see SA on any particular social media site. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you’ll check in throughout the week as we mess around with the site!